Since the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak in China, the first case of Coronavirus in India, the second most populated country in the world, was reported in the state of Kerala.

India witnessed its first death due to Coronavirus on 12 March, 2020. From that day confirmed cases in India are increasing day by day instead of lockdown measures. Therefore, some complementary precautions and measures should be followed by the community. When COVID Warriors (health staff, police officials, sanitisation workers) are dedicated to fight against Coronavirus, EID also step forward to combat the situation with COVID-19 materials which include:
Facilitator guide
This guide is used by the designated COVID-19 trainers with the respective groups that they are working with.
Pocket Book
This book is designed for all the participants in the training so that they can use it while intervening in the field.
These PPTs are used by the Trainers during the training to make it more interesting and participative.
Online training videos
we have also prepared online training videos for FLWs.
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